segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008

Cartoon Eyes - Auto "Squash and Stretch" Pupils

Here´s something I didn´t see in 3d yet and I think is very cool in 2d animations.... squashing pupils.

In old 2d animation this kind of stuff was used for simulating motion blur and velocity, nowadays its not necessary since late softwares are full of features to achieve those nice effects.

Well, I still like the old fashion way :) and here´s my attempt to recreate this effect with an automatic rig, so this way the animator just have to create keys for the "look at control" and the rig will create the squash based on the eye velocity.

YouTube video:

quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

Procedural Spider - BETA

Sometime ago I started to develop some procedural animations and came up with this tests.
It´s an easy way to animate insects with more than 2 pairs of legs.
The animator just have to create keys for a master helper object and after that, the script will generate keys for the legs based on the helper´s velocity and travel vector.

Click on the image for a higher res.


Realtime car rig - V 1.1

Here´s the new video, now controlling the car with the new interface.

Realtime car rig - Control Interface

This is the improved control interface I developed for the car rig, it´s like a virtual joystick. Moving UP or DOWN will move the car front or backwards and side to side for the direction.


Realtime car rig - V 1.0

Hi, this is the first realtime car rig I did in 3d studio max, using only maxScript. The interface is not that good but it´s a WIP :)