quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

Procedural Spider - BETA

Sometime ago I started to develop some procedural animations and came up with this tests.
It´s an easy way to animate insects with more than 2 pairs of legs.
The animator just have to create keys for a master helper object and after that, the script will generate keys for the legs based on the helper´s velocity and travel vector.

Click on the image for a higher res.


2 comentários:

César Sáez disse...

Awesome work! congratulations :)

abhishek disse...

wow man amazing work i became ur fan by seeing this. Can you please share with me how you did this. well am an indian and i learned 3ds max all by myself but the scripting part is very difficult for me though i know wiring script used for character rigging but what u did is extreemly fabulas work..please share it because here in India we are not tought scripting and i also want to be like you doing this kind of work please teach me how to do this.. thanks and congratulations for this and the car one... bye Abhishek Lee