quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

Procedural Spider - BETA

Sometime ago I started to develop some procedural animations and came up with this tests.
It´s an easy way to animate insects with more than 2 pairs of legs.
The animator just have to create keys for a master helper object and after that, the script will generate keys for the legs based on the helper´s velocity and travel vector.

Click on the image for a higher res.


Realtime car rig - V 1.1

Here´s the new video, now controlling the car with the new interface.

Realtime car rig - Control Interface

This is the improved control interface I developed for the car rig, it´s like a virtual joystick. Moving UP or DOWN will move the car front or backwards and side to side for the direction.


Realtime car rig - V 1.0

Hi, this is the first realtime car rig I did in 3d studio max, using only maxScript. The interface is not that good but it´s a WIP :)